How I Lost 42 LBS Of Fat With This Simple At-Home Hack

In 2008 researchers from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden found something amazing: Every adult human, old or young, lean or fat, man or woman, always has the same number of fat cells – around 30 billion!

How I Lost 42 LBS Of Fat With This Simple At-Home Hack

Fat cells are like balloons – it is not the number of fat cells that increases but the SIZE of your fat cells, they can balloon up to FIFTY times their size or more to store fat! Weirdly they also found even if you have gastric band surgery or lipsuction, your body regains the exact number of fat cells to get back to the pre-set amount!

But then in 2021 researchers uncovered a way to actually dissolve fat cells: A 750-year old fat-dissolving hack from Vietnam that forces permanent fat cell loss!

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Within weeks folks have dropped an average of 25.3 lbs, waists have shrunk by 7.2 inches.

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